Experience the authentic Flemish cuisine

Bistro-restaurant Huyze Maene serves traditional regional dishes in grandmother’s way. The kitchen distinguishes itself by focusing on the purity of seasonal, traditional Belgian ingredients.

The style is minimalistic and all dishes are in balance: from taste and texture to the appearance and colors of the dishes.

Lacquered ham

A cooked ham in a low temperature vacuumed.
The meat is then regularly rubbed with a sweet but spicy glaze that provides a nice crispy layer.
In addition, a carrot stem, with a sauce of grain mustard and cream.


A delicious rich fish soup with North Sea delicacies.
We use whiting to make the stock. Afterwards we enrich this meal soup with fresh vegetables, cod, hake, gray shrimps and mussels.
This dish is served with garlic rolls, rouille and cheese.

Veal sweetbreads with Tagliolini

Tagliolini with Scampi's

A delicious fresh Italian pasta, with fresh passata di pomodore, champignons, fresh green herbs and stir-fried scampi

Grilled Côte à l'os

In thePicture

Visit the Bruges Winter Market

From 23/11/2018 to 1/01/2019, the city center of Bruges will be transformed into a large, moody winter market with an ice rink. You will also find all sorts of special Christmas presents alongside packs of fun.

Visit bruges on wheels

A separate way to discover Bruges is with a Segway. This is an experience on wheels. A Segway is a zefstabilizing device with two wheels that you can control standing.

Mummies in Bruges, Secrets of Ancient Egypt

Temporary exhibition about the remarkable rituals of the ancient Egyptians around death and the afterlife. The expo contains archaeological objects and mummies from ancient Egypt.

On time travel to the Middle Ages!

In the Historium you return to the Bruges Middle Ages. You can see in various ways how Bruges bustled during the Golden Age. A guided tour with film, an interactive exhibition and a wonderful virtual tour make the Historium an unmissable excursion for the whole family!


Huyze die Maene
Markt 17
8000 Brugge

Opening hours

Open every day

From Monday till Sunday
09:00 AM – 22:00 PM

Contact details

Huyze die Maene
Markt 17
8000 Brugge

VAT: BE 0720.672.683

Phone: +32 (0)50 33 39 59
Contact: Alain D’Hondt
Mobiel: +32 (0)465 46 37 37

Registered office
De Beurze bvba
Markt 22 – 8000 Brugge